понедељак, 26. мај 2014.

Real, TRUE Love...

Real, TRUE love is the ONE that kills all the old love, all the memories from the past.

When I met him, at first sight, I felt - he's the one.
Look in his eyes was so deep that I felt something strong...
I did not want to tell him...
Many people, from my past were superficial, the most of - men.
They are in my past because of that.
I do not need them in my life. They do not exist for me anymore.

After several days of togetherness I read ALL about him, from his eyes, from his hugs...
He did not have to tell me anything.

Now he does not hide his view and everything he says to me, but sometimes it happens that he does not want to speak, because he thinks he will tires me with his problems - so I ask him and I hug him.

TRUE  love at the first sight does not exist, although there is a connection, the secret of relationship between man and woman which connect them and leads to TRUE love.

Every passing day with him is more interesting than the last.
Kisses from each of its bloom.
I see myself in his eyes and I see our future forever...

If you are alone - do not look for love. It will encounter when you least expect it.
If you are in love - treasure every moment with person next to you.

Truth is that we feel the real value of what we had just when we lose it...Sense opens our eyes. We see everything clearly.

So...respect that you have by your side.



♥*****♥For Someone Special♥*****♥

A tender light caresses my hair, spring brings to us the most beautiful loving days...

What happened yesterday, what tomorrow will bring, we DO NOT care because we are together.
Let's take the most beautiful colours, colours of spring and paint with boundless and veritable love ALL our days of togetherness.

....'Cause you and I, we've born just for us :-)